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Wednesday, 11 March 2009


This is one of the 2 species of the lizards that live near our house. When you see this video you think it is a nice, maybe even cute animal. But it is not so, I assure you. Do you know that the lizards bite persons? We did not know it too.

My mother-in-law came to us one day and was in the yard. After a while she ran home and cryed: "You have to take me to the doctor, I'm dieing! One terrible lizard jumped on me and bit me many times! It was surely rabid!" She is a particular character, we looked at her sooo, but took her to the meditian. Imagine what he thought when he heard these complaints.

But some time later a lizard bit my husband. And than me too.

The lizards enter the hous and sometimes remain to live here. They change the color and become white. So, that you cannot distinguish them. Specially when somebody is like me that do not see good.

Once I wanted to open the window that was closed for the night. I don't see what I do, and than it's not necessary to look if you know where and what is situated. So I put the hand behind the curtains and... somebody bit me. Not as a dog, clearly, but perceptibly. I looked behind the curtains to know what is happend and saw a big lizard there. That was in the position: if you touch me you will see what I'll do with you!!!

I had tracks of his teeth (I don't know but am sure that it was a male because it was big and very serious) for much time than.

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