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Saturday, 21 March 2009

What Animal I Do Not Love Most Of All

These blog is "dedicated" to the animals I like -more or less. You can find even a sort of "soap operas" if you wanted to create a sort of system here. It's probably normal from the point of view of psychology. Understood this, I asked me: and what is an animal I do not like at all? And maybe never wrote about it.

Ixodes persulcatus - Таежный клещ
«Ixodes persulcatus - Таежный клещ» на Яндекс.Фотках

Honestly, it's difficult to say. You, that read this blog and it means you like animals, what animal don't you really like? Not like a wolf that you don't like because your grandy told you many bad things when you were 3 years old. But in the real life? Till the point that you do not want even think about this creation.

I don't like insects generally and mosquitos more than others. But maybe more than these I don't like flees and other similar monsters. In the last period there are different documentaries about more terrible insects-parasites. Those invisible that live on our skin and in our beds.

By the way, the creature on the photo is the most hated, I think, animal in taiga, nordic forests. Ixodes persulcatus provocs encephalitis, meningitis and other similar things. Nobody has to go in the forest without specific vactination against this beast.

I add here the videos that maybe nobody wanted ever to see in the life. We don't like them. But we have to know and remember about their existance.

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