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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Hippo's,Gorilla's and Ranger's Tragedy

Thank you for all your encouragement and support. Please lobby. I do not know much about lobbying outside of my country and how you put pressure, but anything you can do to help us get back into the park and protect the animals will be much appreciated. Thank you to you all.

Director Norbert Mushenzi

This is an appeal from Virunga National Park. I wrote about the situation there maybe a month ago. That day, there were different rangers that went in the forest to protect gorillas and did not turn back. The good notice is, they are alive.

But the bad notice is that the rebels do not leave the park and continue to kill animals. For meat and for profit. Persons die too.

The direction of the park needs help. You can read about it in their blog here

They ask about not very great donations, from $15 if you see this special ranger's blog
Every blogger asks today money for a cup of coffee and I know,they receive this money sometimes. Here they speak not about coffee, but about help for survival of animals and of persons that die for really great reason.

Not only money are important. Leave your comments in their blogs to give them power in their fight. Everybody of us knows how is difficult to advance without a good word of other people.

Other addresses you can find in this my first post about them:

What happens with gorillas?(click here)

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