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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

What happens with gorillas?

Yesterday I read about gorillas.

I liked to know a year or two ago these animals are alive after the war and then after the eruption of volcano. But the notice of some days ago seems to leave us, who admires these animals, without hope.

Scientists say, the hunters kill about 100 gorillas every year and today they, scientists, are sure, gorillas have no chance to survive.

Is it really true?
Maybe not perfectly so is the truth.
I found a blog of Gorilla Protection site of Virunga National Park. Here is a real war on the territory of gorillas. It began September 8th and is still not finished.

There is a YouTube chanel WildlifeDirect where you can see many beautiful videos. WildlifeDirect is established to provide support to Conservationists in Africa through blogging. You find different blogs and many interesting info on the site Endangered Animals in Africa

And I want to try now to send my question directly in Africa... and then write here the answer. If it will be.

this map

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