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Friday, 8 February 2008

Ducks in the town

Do you think, it's a zoo?
No, this is a normal town, new region of Mercato San Severino. It was projected in the way to give place for some ducks and geese. In the center between some buildings there is this "lake", there are benches and a low fence, maybe for little children. On weekends many families come there, eat their pizza or ice-creams in one of the beaneries, bars or ice-cream parlour situated on the ground floors of these buildings. Really very beautiful place.

There is a place like this in Nocera too, very very little. There live some ducks too. I asked in bar how is it possible that those ducks are aliwe else. "Oh, it's a problem! These ducks are of all the people of the place. For the first time we bought 15 of them and wanted they live here, but some criminals stole them! And not one but different times. Now, this time they live here for 7 months. We hope, they rest here with us." said me the owner of the bar.

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