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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Looking for a puppy

More than 3 years passed after the death of Imir. Stassi is old and I began to think about a new dog. It could be better if we bring him in the house before Stassi dies. She could help us in his education, because puppies are able to create so many problems till they learn the rules of the life.

So I began to look for rottweiler puppies for sale. It's not so easy to find a good dog to buy. There are different problems, when you want to buy a dog from a good breed. One of the very painful is, you become a wish to show him to referees and to win prizes in dog-shows. It's something that doesn't depend on you. You give all your soul to grow and educate this dog and you want to know, it's the best.

Maybe we have to change a breed.
I've seen many times Golden Retrievers in documentaries and books about dogs. This breed seems to me not so solid and steady as Rottweilers. They have to be more nimble and light-hearted. But golden retriever puppies need more cures because they have to be brushed, every day. And our animals live not in the house.

Rottweiler is good, but maybe we are too old to buy a dog like this. He needs to feel a hard character, an athletic person, so that he can respect you for the power of your soul and body, if it's so, you can dominate him as his God.

Oh, so many questions are to consider when you decided to buy a puppy...

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