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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Rat as Pet

Photo from Яндекс.Фотки

The very first time I knew about pet rats many years ago. I came to my friend-photograph to speak about next learning photography session and was shocked when his son came in the room with a rat in his hand, similar to this, on the photo but with more colours.

I could not understand this passion when a son of my other friend told me, he has a family of rats and he had even a very florent "business" selling their kids to other children and telling to them about pet rat training and care.

Now, looking on this photo I have other feelings. Maybe because I live now on the same territory, where many species of mouses and rats live. We have to kill them from time to time while they become so numerous and cheeky. They walk where they want even during the day time and kill chickens in the henhouse.

But when I saw them in the trap, their behaviour so similar to human, their eyes and "hands"... My husband wanted to fire me for it. He says, I don't give him to kill a spider and a fly and to chop down a tree more.

I think to write different posts about these animals and hope you will like them.

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