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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Irina looks for a kitten

Irina is my friend and ex-pupil. She loves cats from her childhood and had always some of them in the house. As I know, she had special relations with the cats and they were never toys for here, even when she was a little girl.

Today she is great, has own family, own house but... no one cat. They moved different times in the last years, and they had not possibility to think about animals. That is why she visits sites where she can find kittens for sale in this period.

Sincerely, I thought, she will adopt the first kitten she finds in the street, but somebody told her about maine coon cats. I did not know about this cat breed till she said me about. So I wanted to find more info and read that it's one of the largest breeds between domestic cats. When I saw photos, I understood my friend. Not only they are large and have from 6 to 12 kg and are till 1 m long (double all the flexibility, mildness and rumbling of the cat you have now). They have long, dense fur and a mane similar to a lion.
What can you desire from a cat more?

That is why she looks now only for maine coon cats for sale. Now I envy her because I have not this possibility to add other animals to the zoo we have in our house. It could be so incredibly to have so great and mild feline with me!

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