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Monday, 4 February 2008


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You can sentence and condemn me, but I don't like snakes.

They live here together with me (and with scorpions too), but I don't like them.
Once I killed one little black snake and I don't like me for this gesture, once I saved one yellow snake, many times I told to different persons that they have not kill poor snakes... but I don't like them the same.

And maybe for this reason I wrote here about them many times.
Animals of Campania. Snakes
Anaconda and great snakes -part 1
Anaconda and Reticulated Python
Giant spitting cobra found
The luckiest cat of the world

Today I want to write a sort of summary about snakes.

Did you know that
>snakes live in any climate and soil on the Earth?

>More than 2500 species, 55 of them live in sea, one of them is "flying" (from one tree to the other).

>Every of them has optimal length and own optimal t°. More is it long (the snake), more fast is absorption of heat.

>they are the most efficient predators on the Earth

>The form of the body depends on the soil where the snake lives.

>Some of them can move with the speed 24 km/h -faster than the man, make 20 m in one jump and rise 1/3 of the body even in movement (mamba black that can bite the face of a man standing in feet)

>they can have from 100 to 600 ribs

>and they lived just 250 mln of years ago -when dinosaurs lived!
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Second Photo from Flickr of dansar

Danger! Don't click! Alive Snakes Here:

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