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Monday, 8 October 2007


Everybody knows that albinism is several gene mutation. What I didn't know that there are different degrees of albinism.

True albino is named amelanistic. It is withe and has pink eyes. But sometimes the eyes are blu. And this is partial albinism.

There are forms of partial albinism when only one part of body is white. And there are even cases when partial albinism dipends from different conditions. In the Siamese cat has an interesting form of albinism: it has pigmentation in cooler areas of the body.

Interesting is that the area of mutation dipends from the period of embryo divelopment. Earlier occures the mutation, bigger is the area.

Other peculiarity is that white animals with dark eyes and maybe some pigmentation are not albino. This is an other mutation. As example: we all know white tigers.

I was inspired to write this post by the notice about white alligator in the Knoxville Zoo. The article saнs, this alligator lives in dark because it's skin don't likes sun.

They say, normally is unpossible that albino animal can survive for a long time in nature. But on this other photo there is a albino giraffe that the researcher has looked 12 years for. He thought, the gifaffe was dead, but one happy day he found it. And there was a photographer near him to prove the story he told everybody for long 12 years!

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