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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Dog and Cat Breeders International

Many of us have a dream about a special cat or a special dog. We are so proud to imagine our friend as the best. Things become more complicated when we pass from the theory to practice.

Befor you go to the breeders, visit PawSitesOnline

This site is specialized in dogs, puppies, cats and kittens sale.
Here you find many important information, not only advertising of animals in sale all over the world, by national (USA) and local breeders and kennels.
You find many advises. Read what to do and to think befor you buy your puppy or kitten. The first thought you have to do is that a puppy is not just a toy. You have to decide, do you want an animal for show or a pet. This is important, because a show dog is not only more expensive but needs your great dedication and work to become a star.

Decided this, you can pass to the registered breeders page.
You can find here breeders by categories, handlers and jobs in pet industry, organizations and clubs, veterinarians and pet hospitals.
Very interesting for those who looks for a special animal: registered breeders and buyers receive notification about new adds and when a puppy is available. You don't need to search anymore everything you find in one place.

On the page
dogs for sale you can find alphabetical breeds list, photos and stories of animals in sale, breeders sites. Interesting here is that there are special signs near the breeder's descriptions, you know directly if this breeder has puppies in this period.

Please remember, dogs and cats live about 15 years (I knew a cat died at the age of 18 years). Be responsable. You have to love them for all their life.

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