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Saturday, 13 October 2007

Life in aquarium

There are many interesting great and not very great state-,city- ecc aquariums. In my life I could visit 2 of them: Aquariums of Genoa and of Neaples.

Aquarium of Genoa is very modern and interesting, that of Neaples is very old (from 1947, I think, "antiquariat" but interesting to visit. I wanted to give here a link to my post in WordPress-blog about my visit there, but that blog is "suspended" (only they can understand why).

Today I wanted to write here about home aquarium. A video I've seen today, remembered me the story I had in my home aquarium too.

I had a little aquarium, about 50 liters, and different fishes there. Among them there were 2 or 3 goldfishes (Carassius auratus). There were guppy ((Poecilia reticulata) too, and they had little guppies. With time I began to notice, there are always less and less fishes in my aquarium. At the end there were only goldfishes, some guppies and Pterophyllums.

Somebody said me than, goldfishes eat other fishes in the aquarium, they are like wolves. They even ruin everything in aquarium and if you want to have a goldfish in your aquarium, you have not buy other fishes and herbs.

Some time later I had to go to live in an other place and gifted my aquarium to my friends. So till now I don't know if it was true or not. But it was a great experience (to have an aquarium) in my life.

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