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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Basja and the Moon

I don't know why I like photos with the moon in the last period. I even posted one of them in a competition, but persons that visited that competition didn't like that photo. They liked a photo I posted only to have a number of photos that I needed. Can you explain me this preferences? Why people never like what I like? And if I don't like a photo, the site accepts it as good. (I tell you now about a site where I presented some photos for sale.)

I wanted to understand it, because it's important for me if I want work with internet photography. Maybe somebody can explain me this phenomenon?
And than, how to understand the preferences of people?

So, here on this photo is Basja and the moon. Interesting is that the eyes have different light. I think the cats have more difficult life as we. Imagin you have to live day and night.

Or other question: imagin you have to live all your life in the water like dolphins for example.
Maybe, that life is more beautiful as ours? They hear and see and feel more than we can.

You see what questions come in my head in the last period?

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