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Friday, 5 October 2007

Anaconda and great snakes -part 1

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This morning we spoke about anaconda and I remembered this story:

Once upon a time (more or less 5 years ago) happend this in Moscow. :)))
One nice morning a lady of middle age went in the toilet of her flat situated in one of the many-storied palaces.
After some minutes she beat out the toilet door and jumped out of the toilet crying as mad. When she was sitting comfortably and thinking about the life (in the toilet), a great snake came out of the w.c. pan and beat her. It was a little anaconda about 2 meters long, a pet of one of the men that lived some floors higher. He closed the snake in his toilet when he went to job that morning and the snake decided to go for a walk using the toilet drain.(buy any species of python and other snakes and reptiles to live similar adventure in your flat too)

Today I found some interesting videos about 2 greatest snakes (this one from National Geographic)

And this video impressed me so much, I could not breath till the last minute

Hope this stupid tiger will remember for all his life this experience.
And finally some "horror" photos of anaconda.

I wanted to dedicate at least one post more to this incredible snake.

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