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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Thinking about kittens

Because i'm suffering for my poor girls-kittens else, decided to post here some cute cat-photos collected surfing the internet.

This time -as it was with Murka when we had to take away her kittens- the mother, Basja, seems to be quiet and happy. Yesterday she wanted to play with me and "hunt" me and today she is sleeping all day on my knees so that I can't work at all. Have to type with one finger. I try to turn her on the other side but she returns back every time. Seems all cats are satisfied that the little are not here.

This first photo is as came from my life. I can to see Kotik in this position every day when I don't want to open the door for him. He sits on the bord of the terrazza, looks in the window of the kitchen like those kittens from the photo and makes with a voice of a dying cat "Ooooh! Oooooooh! Open the door!"

But this last is the best, eh? I could not believe that it's a real cat sleeping.

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