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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Sea cows seen from this part of the internet

family Trichechidae, genus Trichechus comprise 3 of 4 living species of the order Sirenia. The name comes from caribean word "breast". They are similar to Dugong (on the left), but their tails are paddle-shaped. They are about 410-545 kg and 2.7-3 m long, females larger as males.
There are West Indian (Florida, Gulf of Mexico), Amazonian and West African manatees.
They live about 60 years and speak betwen them using a wide range of sounds and are very intelligent like dolphins.

Exists Save the Manatee club ( Click the photo to access) where you can eve adopt one of them, read many interesting things and photos.
They are rare species today (about 2500 in the USA)

I liked this video. Pay attention on the "hands" of the manatee, how it touches the boat. And that they are so great near it!

And till here you know everything - more or less, yes?

What I was surprised to know about these animals, that there are Dwarf Manatees. They were found in Brasilian Amazon by Marc van Roosmalen
He found males of this specie, they measured 130 cms long and were about 90 cms in circumference, weighed 60kgs and they were very dark.

Interesting is that it's possible to meet somebody completly unknown on the earth else.

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