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Friday, 9 November 2007

The world's most endangered cat

I wrote about this poor animal some months ago in my post Quiz: do you recognize this cat?
There I repeated the appeal of the protection organizations asking about help. This problem is not resolved and I think it will be helpful to post this appeal once more. Here it is:

Amur Leopard Conservation support
We would like to thank everybody who supported our campaign to stop the terminal in Amur leopard habitat!

This autumn I read about some initiatives that maybe will help a little to preserve these beautiful cats. So for those from you who will enjoy this notices I write here about it. (think not everybody of you reads russian newspapers every day :)))

This photo is from the site of WWF-Russia

They say, it's important to save the forest from fire. Every year was possible to burn old herbs near it and the forest's area was smaller and smaller, but this year it is prohibited for everybody. This is a great victory of WWF.

The other important step was to plant new larch bands as protection from fire. This is an old idea, used by japonese befor second world war. ( photo WWF )

And at the end: american and english veterinars captured a wild leopard female for controls and did sonogram ( you know? I not) too to find reasons of the extinction. The results will be ready after one year.

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