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Saturday, 24 November 2007

Last time together

The poor girls don't know about it, but it's their last happy day here, with us, with their mother. It's sad, but we have to throw them because we can't have all them in the house. We looked for a new house for these sweety kittens and we are very unhappy for it, but after 2 months they will make their own kittens and their mother too.

The first cat, Murka, came to us after the death of Imir. Stassi was not very agree with this new presence, and theynever were friends. Than Murka made her kittens. We tool her for sterilization after that. My husband wanted to leave here one of the kittens and it was Kotik. In febbruar Kotik had 2 girls. One of them was sooo little and always hungry, it was unpossible to see what she did for a piece of bread stolen by the hen... We began to call her and to give her something to eat. She took us 2 kittens and ... turned out Murka.

Now the kittens have about 5 months. We asked all over the world to find house for them, but nobody wants to hear about it. And today is their last day with us. This evening we have to put them in a good place where there is water and many pizza-shops. And residential houses too. Maybe they will be able to make a good life there.

After that we want to take their mother to the surgerian...

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