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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

What do you know about discovering of new species of animals?

Oh yes, this is the question. Don't be surprised.

Do you think it's unpossible to find something new on this earth, eh? I thought so too. Till this morning when I wanted to write a post about manatees (I'll write about them lately).

Only to refresh your memory ( :)) ) there are -recognized by science-

4,500 species of mammals
5,500 of amphibians
8,000 reptiles (mamma mia!)
10,000 birds
30,000 marine species
15000-20000 species of butterfly

2 new species of fish are found every week
a few new bird species discovered every year
new species of mammal are still found occasionally
(jety is not found till today)

a new Genus of monkey in Tanzania
a new parrot and forest mouse on a small Philippine island
a 'hairy' lobster ( a whole new family)
a new snake in Vietnam
5 new frogs and a new newt in Laos
a new stingray in Thailand
a new monkey in India
an unusual spitting spider in Madagascar that lives in family groups
new sharks off Mexico and Indonesia

What is the place where are more species found?

with 361 new species in 10 years:
260 insects, 50 plants, 30 fish, 7 frogs, 6 lizards, 5 crabs, 2 snakes and a toad

Do you insist else that we know all our neighbours on the Earth?

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