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Thursday, 8 November 2007

Cats in Sochi

Cats and dogs in Sochi have a good life. Specially cats, because they enter where they want and feel completly free in every place. Here on this photo you see them in a post office. Why have I sleep on the cold ground if I can do it in a warm place and on the soft chair?

But the most incredible are cats that meditate near the banks with meat and smoked sausages. See that cat sitting under the window. You can find him in this position in every hour you come there. He don't wants to eat. We gave im a peace of sausages but he didn't eat it and turned back to the window and remain in this position without move.

Other place but the same situation: a sleeping cat under the bank with meat. (use I the right word? "bank" is it?)

You can see dogs walking in the streets. People are very tollerant with them and they don't care about persons that are around. They have their tasks to do and go where they need.

:))) I remember enormous rats I saw in Salerno walking near a very luxus shop.... No, I think cats and dogs are better to see as those rats.

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