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Friday, 23 November 2007

Incredible news from Nothern Ireland

Killer wanted!

This is a portrait of the killer. It's name is Pelagia Nocticula second name is Mauve Stinger, jellyfish 3-8 cm large.

21 of November there was the first jellyfish attack in Nothern Ireland when 100 000 salmons of a salmon cooperative were killed by incredibly quantity of jellyfishes.
23/11, today, the notice is 1 hour ago pubblished by MoldyChum, and BBS News that there was the second attack on other salmon farm 5 miles far from the place of the first attack.

"It was unprecedented, absolutely amazing. The sea was red with these jellyfish and there was nothing we could do about it, absolutely nothing," Managing director John Russell said

One or 2 years ago there was a jellyfish attack on the persons near Liguria beaches, I think, in Italia. The wounds were terrible, and somebody was dead.
And to think that we see often babies playing with jellyfishes...

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