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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Cat's life

It's unpossible to see animals that seem to love one other soo much, without delight. Specially if they are cats. Yes, I love them and as said, I think they are the top of Creation. But we have too idealistic point of view. We make it from the photos like these.

The reality of the life of the cats is quite different. It's very hard and to have their place in the life, they have to fight till death.

My Kotik is in the last period very nervous. He was the first born kitten, more quiet, more powerful, all milk was for him. He was more happy as his other brothers and sisters because my husband left him in our house. But in this place there was a king -his father. That has to be a young cat else. And Kotik is one who has never to protect himself.

Today Kotik is more big as his father, but when he sees him, is afraid or thinks that it's his father... (That cat came regularly to visit his kittens when they were little.) They have fights fast every day now. Today too. Kotik is back with me now all covered with dirt. The father wants he goes away from here. Kotik has his own place of hunt, but he turns to me for the rest and for sweet pieces... and it's the territory of his father.

Who knows, how will this story finish...

This and other great photos here

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