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Friday, 7 September 2007

Nobody wants to play with Matilda

As I said you earlier, Kotik has 2 kittens with one of his brides, B'asja.

Basja brought them to us and now we have to be grandies, because she left them wuth us and goes for a walk all days round. One of the girls is very interesting and we gave her a name, Matilda.

She is a very audacious. Nobody can do something like this in the house

Here I tell you about a sad day of Matilda,when nobody wanted to play with her.
As you see on the photo, it's very difficult to play with these enormous beeings. Even if you are three together with the father.

Somebody prefers to play with everything is possible to find nearby,

but Matilda wants to play with friends... Tryes with the father... and what a look at her!!! Oh those fathers! Nothing to do obviously.

Tryes with the grandmother... It's a great fortuna she don't beat you. She gives kicks to every cat that comes near to her.

So at the end she has to leave this idea and... Meditation and Dream Yoga is the best way to resolve problems. Believe to Matilda.

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