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Saturday, 8 December 2007

Giant spitting cobra found

In the last period I write many times that there are many species of animals not found till today. I wrote about it this morning too.

And now I can offer you the very new proof of it.
May be I'm the first blogger writing about this species. :)))
The notice is dated december 7, yesterday, in all sites I found writing about it.

In Kenya was found (photo NatGeo)

Naja ashei - Ashe's spitting cobra

"the Largest in Spitting Cobra (2 m long) found any where in the World."( blog of Royjan from Wild Life Direct )

Interesting for me was that the cobras can spit their venom till 2 m and they find always eyes of the agressor to do it. There were even special researches to understand this WHY

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