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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Animals of Campania. Bats

Photo here and great description of species you'll really enjoy this site

Now I arrived to a story about an other neighbour -bat (Chiroptera ).

I like them. It was a frequent case in my travels that I had to live with these mammals.

When I was a child and lived in Lithuania, we've seen them every night flying in the yards near our houses. There was a sort of little park near one of the houses and I think they lived there.

One evening a little bat landed in my hear and was completly entangled in them. We needed time to free him and so I've seen a bat for the first time.

Here, were I live in Campania, there were many bats some years ago. But this year there were only a few of them. I dont know why. Maybe the poisons that use paesants for tabacoo and other cultures killed them together with insects they eat...
I read in an article of WWF, this group of mammals (the only group of mammals that is able to fly for a long period) is very sensible and in a great danger. In fact. Our zone is the best proof of it.

I don't know what specie lives here near my house (or maybe inside it?). Wehad 2 stories with them.
Once we found a little bat, mayby a "kid" under wash-stand in the yard. He was very fortunate because I foun him and not our dog, Imir. We thought, it was little and didn't know the way home in the morning.

Other story is brutal. :)))
One night I slept when a bat entered in the open window of the kitchen (the night temperature was too high that year), flew into the corridor and then in my bedroom. I was alone, my husband worked in the night that week. I was very frightened and began to cry, tryed to drive it out, but it didn't want do it. Imagin, next night it entered the second time and came straight in the bedroom. The third night I closed the bedroom door. It came once more and wanted to break off the door. It was unpossible to sleep in this way and I had to close the window in the night.

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