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Saturday, 22 September 2007

New species found

There was an interesting article some days ago. The scientists found a new specie in the Ocean, the "octosquid". Something that was a half-squid, half-octopus. Very interesting specie. And I read that day different articles about this unidentified sea creature.

I was so impressed that wanted to write an entire article about new species found in the last period. For example a new specie of lizard in Vietnam.

Articles about the "octosquid" discovery were written with great passion and told many impressing things about unfamiliar sea-world so deep below sea level. They contained the interview with one of the scientists that discovered this interesting creature.

The article was not new, july, but I read them for the first time that day. So I began to look for other articles about it and found different of them. I don't know, maybe I used SU for the search, but the result was that. You know, SU often offers sites with the same theme on one day. Second day they change the theme, and you have to see many sites about other problem. That is why I think it was in SU.

So, the next day I began to prepare the article, used other search engines to have more info and ... found later articles that said: this "octosquid", a great new specie, was in reality just a rare type of squid that had lost it’s two tentacles...

...and I didn't write my great article about new species found in the last period.

(but the lizard was real new specie)

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