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Friday, 28 September 2007

Polar bear is so little

photo is from this site
photo from the site Polar bears international

I read and heared in TV different notices about Arctic and polar bears in the last days. Sad notices. The ice is in bad conditions, the bears canot live their normal life because they need ice to hunt.

There were bears on every step 100 years ago, you can see no one for many days today. So I wanted to read more in internet about them. Yes, I wrote different posts dedicated to polar bears, but Ifeel it to repeat this theme.

Ursus maritimus is his name in latin. The world's largest land carnivore, till 3 meters long, 1,3-1,6m high, 300-600 (1000) kg for adult male (half of this for female), skin is black with translucent fur that appears white. Makes 30-40 km a day, easily overpasses 2 meters high ice-hummocks, eats about 50 seals a year. They live 19 years in nature, but in Detroit zoo there was a polar bear that lived 45 years.

The period of hunt is today 2-3 weeks shorter as earlier and bears weight 100 kg less than normal. It's not too good for reproduction. They make often only 1 kid.

There are about 20,000 to 25,000 bears in Arctic (60% in Canada). In 60th they were near to extinction, but now we can see that the fight for the nature is not wane.

Here you can hear the nice voice of the polar bear

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