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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Blog for money opportunity

I know, many of you, bloggers, that read this blog, are interested to find opportunities to make some money with internet. That is why I tell you here about an other company that gives us this possibility to blog for money.

Pratically it's a service, that connects advertisers and bloggers.
Advertise on blogs meens that you can find great, immediate community of readers all over the world and remain in the web for many months and maybe years. Blogs change every day but the link to your site remains in the archive of the blog and will appear in search engine results.

Blog advertising is interesting and modern way to promote a site. That is why advertisers pay bloggers to write opinion posts about their sites. But it's not so easy for advertisers and for bloggers to find one other in the great web space. To help them exist companies like Smorty.

How works this site?
Sign in on the homepage and register your blogs. You have to wait some hours to know if your blog is approved and then you can begin your work. On your members page you see opportunities that you can chose -if you have them...
Your post must be from 150 to 400 words and has to link only 1 time to the site of advertiser with the html-code you'll find when you click Accept. If no, your post will be not aproved.
Some days later you'll see your earnings on the same members page.

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