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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Social play

Today I found an incredibly interesting site. I stoped when I've opend the site to read "Why Didn't the Wild Polar Bear eat the Husky?" and there were explanations about behaviour of the animals that want to invite others to play. Husky is signaling an invitation to play to the bear and the bear risponds in the same way too, thinks author.

I don't know, there is something else here.
Husky and bear knew befor this first moment on the photo they have intention to play, I think. If no, husky did not allow the bear to come so nearly to him, waiting in silence that the bear will eat him.

I know from my experience, dogs can communicate when they don't see one another. We've seen it many times. Stassi that was near to us, suddenly turned her head and went to Imir .
Imir was in this moment very long from her, and she could not see him. So he called her from long distance in the way that there were not sounds we could hear. But she could. And they knew we are not able to hear them!
We learned this experience and were very attentive to the behaviour of Stassi next times, to prevent that Imir runs away for an "indipendant walk" to our neighbours.

So I think, the bear and the husky had a talk befor they meet. They knew befor their intentions. That is why they pass directly to invite one other to a play. The photographer didn't hear their talk and thought they begin their meeting in the moment when he photographed them.

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