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Thursday, 20 September 2007

Energy saving UPVC windows for your house

Very important task for every family today is to think about the ways to prevent heat loss in the house. When we analyze the situation, we understand:
The great part of heat loss occurs through the windows.

What can we do?
Think to install high quality replacement windows.
Anglian, one of the leading house improvement companies, will help us in this. The company works for 35 years to improve constantly design and technology of the replacement windows they offer to the customers.
The new generation of UPVC windows are totally natural in color and you will have no haze problems. New "Low-E" glasses of Anglian have a record low value of materials heat loss resistance. And the particular construction of the windows can maintain your home warmer, your bills lower and the environment safer.

It is not necessary to renounce on large windows of our dream. Advanced technology offers us all we can desire.

Casement style combines fixed panes with top opening fanlights and side-opening casements. These windows are the most technologically advanced too. It's possible to chose from various glazing styles. And security features of your double glazed replacement window will surprise you.

Other type of replacement window is tilt and turn. These windows offer easy ventilation and cleaning. The window can be opend partially by tilting for ventilation and fully for cleaning.

Traditional type in England is the sash window. Anglian has improved the design. It goes easily up and down, stays open in any position, has the same high security as other types of Anglian's windows and can be tilted for cleaning.

The replacement windows of Anglian are custome-built and have 10-year guarantee.

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