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Friday, 14 September 2007

Animals of Campania in my house and yard

So, yesterday I began to tell you about animals in Campania. There are different species here, I said, and I want to present you some of my visitors.

The most exotic for me was the italian scorpion. First time I found a female in the center of my kitchen. It was a very warm summer evening and I entered in the kitchen to put some plates on the table. I didn't want to turn on electricity to avoid mosquitos but did it in the last moment. And... saw in the center of the room a scorpion eating a bit of bread.
I was shocked. Nobody said me about this "nice possibility". And it was the very first time for me, I've seen this crature.
My first thought was: it's a great fortune, I'm not barefooted...
Confess, I killed it. I would never do it today, but that evening I did it... Later I found her children in the poison I had near the wall for aints. They were about 1 cm long and white as milk with water.

One or two years after I entered in one of the rooms to raise Venetian blind. And I found a scorpion on the sill. I expected to find a lizard there (one of them bit me befor) but... Nothing, this one was more fortunate in this life. He could go away.

This beauty's name is Buthus europeus or l’Euscorpius italicus.
This article says, there are FOUR species in Italy. And one new, yellow, that is more dangerous.
Oh, no... It's unpossible!

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