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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Animals of Campania

I write often about pets and wild animals that live in exotic places, but today I decided to remember conditions of wild life in the region I live, Campania/Italy.

We live on the hills, far from the little towns of the valley and we see often different species of animals.
We have for example 3 or 4 race of snakes here. One of them can reach 2 meters. I've seen one very great many years ago and my neighbour said me today, near the hous of her mother was killed a snake about 2 meters long this days. It was on the tree. We've seen many of them about 1,50 m long. And there is 1 viper that can reach 60 cm said me a man from WWF.

2 times I found scorpions in my house. I had never seen an alive scorpion befor. They were about 4 cm long. They say, their poison is not very toxic in Italy. And we had a great quantity of little scorpions then. They were like drops of milk with water.

We have then different birds of prey like eagle-owl or buzzard. This last I found once and gave it to the WWF-men to save.

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