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Thursday, 20 September 2007

Animals of Campania. Barn Owl

This is my preferite neighbour.

I like this bird very much. It's very beautiful and very difficult to see. But some days ago I've seen it fly near our gate.

We have a rock under the gate. The place is enough that a car can turn to go out in the street and then the precipice. It's a very sunny place and there are enough herb that rats and lizards can live their happy life there. I think. Because I see cats that have their pathes there and they visit the rock very often.

And now I can be sure about it.
We were in the street with Stassi and cats that evening. I go for a walk with Stassi every day to make her move her legs and to consume her nails. She don't wants to cut her nails. I could do it to her only with total anesthesia. She is old and we thought she is dieing this summer, but now seems she feels good, and I try to maintain her in health with these walks.

When we go for a walk, cats go out with us. They like do it, you know. I never thought, cats are so pleased to stay with humans. Our cats are not domestic, they are wild in sense they they live their free lives.

So, and when we were out for a walk, I turned to the gate and saw a great bird flying over that rock. Without any noise, any sound. I could see it 'cose the light of the street-lamps illuminated a part of it. It was beautiful, this sylent specific glide.
Maybe it saw me and disappeared in the night.

So I found an interesting site telling about this bird in Campania

Barn Owl (Tyto alba)

That says: it is not very great bird, about 35-40 cm, but with spread of wings about 1 meter (that is why I thought it's great). It has an interesting name in italian "il barbagianni", the beard of Gianni, I could not find why. And you know, the female is bigger as a male. Lives always in the same place and is not afraid of the man (and is killd for this)

So, you see what a beautiful neighbour I have!

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