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Friday, 14 December 2007

Forfeited parrot

Could somebody help me pls with the right word for this event: When the policeman makes you pay money for a road-rule you have broken. All dictionaries use other words and I'm not sure I used the right words at the end. Tanks.

Sometimes representants of the public order make incredible gestures. When you read about it you can't believe your eyes. I have 2 stories to tell you about it.

The notice of about a week ago. In a greek cityPatras (hope, I write the name in thr right way) was fined a parrot. Like this on the photo from Nat. Geogr. best photos.

The parrot was sitting for the door of the little restaurant of his owner, Lambros Michalopulos, for 18 years and was the most iportant sightseeing of the city.
But the place where he was sitting was a part of the street with paid parking places. So the parrot was "parked" without paying the place. The owner received the penality 444 euro for prolonged parking without payment.

And this remembered me a case that happend here in Italy some years ago. One paesant turned back home with 3-5 mules after a day he passed in the city visiting the lokal market. Probably his home was far from the city or maybe he has something important to do there, but it was night at the moment of the "incident": a police-auto happend on the same road... and the man became a fine. Because his mules were not provided with sidelights.

No, it's a real case.

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