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Friday, 28 December 2007

Protect your identity from theft

One of the most frequently happened thefts in America is Identity theft. Every year more than 10 million persons are it's victims and this crime is more and more diffused. The right solution to this problem gives you

What is Identity theft?
Somebody who posesses your documents can open new credit accounts using them, can use your credit cards and create other problems to you. Not only. It costs you time and money to block or to cancell your accounts, to replace your lost documents and to clean your credit history.
Identity theft can happen to everybody and in any situation. You can lose your walley or it can be stolen, thieves can enter in your house or it can happen online. The great problem is that many victims know about it only when the agents contact them for rates ecc.

LifeLock offers you Identity Theft Prevention Program with some important services like WalletLock™. It's the most advanced system avilable in this business and you are immediately after enrollment covered by $1 million service guarantee. The same day LifeLock will contact all major banks and you will have fraud allerts. That means, every time somebody tries to use your identity, you will receive a call to confirm the action. To have more detailed description of how LifeLock works visit the site.

And today you can receive the ever best LifeLock promotion code for One Free Month and 17.5% OFF annual membership. Get your discount today!

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