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Monday, 31 December 2007

Animals of Campania: Monster without name

I have to recognize: I don't like insects.

I don't like them but I admire them.
Look at this monster I found yesterday when went in the yard to cut roses. It was about 7-8 cm long. I don't know why it was not in a warm place. I thought, they had to sleep, insects, in winter.

Yesterday the wether was good enough. About 11-12°C, sunny. I wanted to stay out and decided to cut the bushes of roses. And... saw this.

I saw similar insects befor. More little, about 3 cm, braun, as a dry blade and without feeler, I think.
An other, big as this one, was mantis. And green too. That I know.
Enormous are here locusts, till 10 cm, I think.
About scorpions I wrote in an other post.

Maybe somebody can say something about these species?

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