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Saturday, 22 December 2007

Love stories

Today I want to tell you 2 love stories.

On the photo on the right you can see the 15-years old dog with his great love. This dog named Taras lived together with his owner till this last became a retiree. Because the pension was too little and not enough even to eat, so the men decided to give the dog to his niece that lived in an other city, about 300 km far from the uncle.

One month later the niece called the retiree and said him, nobody can find the dog, he is get lost. One more month later the man heared the voice of his dog near the house and than taps in the dor so as the dog did.

The man opened the dor and the dog entered, went directly to his place and fall asleep. He slept 3 days. He had a wound on one side and his feet were all covered with blood, but in the rest he felt good and was very happy.

The second is a story about a stray cat.

A couple from Holland came for a vacationwith their car in a portugeese city Tavir. They remain in the city for 6 week and knew there a stray cat. The couple gave him a name Tiger and gave him to eat from their table. When they began to prepare the back-trip, they could not find the cat more. So, they turned back home. But 2000 km later they heared "miau" from inside of the auto. Opened it, they saw the cat sitting not far from the motor.

Nothing to do, they had to adopt the animal. There lived dogs in the house befor, but last of them was dead about half a year earlier. Now the fate wanted they have a cat.

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