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Friday, 21 December 2007

Story of the dog in the ice-cold water

Ron from Pet Monologues read my post The full story of the bear under the bridge
and remembered a story that happend to the dog of a neighbour. Unfortunatelly there were problems with posting comments in Blogger ( and maybe they represent sometime) and Ron could not post the story as a comment. He sent me it by mail and I think the story is good to dedicate a new post for it.

this story reminds me of a friend. her dog went out for his routine evening stroll and did not return that night. very unusual. he did not return by morning when she had to leave for work. later that afternoon she called me to give her a ride to the police station where her dog was being kept warm! it seems the dog fell into a reservoir the night before and could not get out. it was in the middle of winter!the dog tread water throughout the time when luckily someone called the fire department the next morning. the firemen (four fire trucks) had to lower a net into the water so the dog, who could hardly move by this time, had to climb into the netting so the firemen could pull him out of the water.

It's a good story, no?

Do you think it's a rare case? It will be enough that you enter "dog falls through ice" in your search box and see what you will find there. And there are many sites with advices too.

Those are stupid dogs, said Stassi (maybe). She preferes to avoid dangerous places. But when Imir was alive we had many problems with them too.

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