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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

What you've never thought about crocodile

The notice that moved me to write today this post was about existance of the dwarf crocodile. Not so long ago I knew about dwarf sea cows and this new dwarf specie was for me something completly illuminated. Just because I had never thought about.

Similar like "the sun shines in the sky", "water is wet" was for me crocodile: an enormous reptile.

Maybe you know more about crocodile, but for me the information I'll write here was revelation. That is why I offer you here all my research.

So, crocodiles are relative of birds and dinosaurs and their parent's name is Archosaurs, "ruling lizard"

Crocodilians unite crocodiles, alligators, caimans and gharials.

The name "krokodilos" meant for Greeks "worm of the stones"
All we know normally is that the crocodile is very large. It's true: the largest shot in Australia had 8,6 m and the largest living (in India) has 7,1 m
There are not sure possibilities to measure the age of Crocodile but they say, that avarage is 70 years and the oldest known was dead in a zoo (Russia) at 115 years.

And till here you know everything.
Now yesterday I knew that there are dwarf crocodiles. They seem to be very nice and lovely. They live in West Africa and arrive only 2 meters (normally 1,5)

I don't know crocodiles as friends, but here you can see that they can provoke real love and respect: (Steve Irwin crying over the crocodiles death)

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