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Saturday, 8 December 2007


Some days ago I asked you, dear friends about the animal on this picture. I said, there are different notices about existance of this animal in some lakes of the Earth. One of them in Africa, other in Ukraina. This last is known from at least more than 100 years and the polac scientists wanted to go thre to explore the place but there were events that could not permit it to them.

About 3-4 days ago I heared abou this animal in an italian popular transmission. I wrote the name of this animal but then forgot where it was written. Today I found it and here is my research to make this story more clear.

There are hundreds and hundreds stories about alive dinosaurus like Nessy, very popular when I was a child. Today you can hear from time to time about pre-hystoric humans or animals. It's not my task to say: yes or no. Sincerely I was convinced by this quotation: nobody new about existance of tapir 20 years ago. About some species of monkeys. About dwarf crocodile. So, why not?

The lake in Ukraina where they think that exists an animal similar to this specie of dinosaurus is 57 meters deep. Who can know what is there in depth if the lake was never explored?

I, repeat, don't want to say yes or not. I only want to know what is this story about.

fossilized mososaurus

The definition:
A genus of extinct marine reptiles allied to the lizards, but having the body much elongated, and the limbs in the form of paddles. The first known species, nearly fifty feet in length, was discovered in Cretaceous beds near Maestricht, in the Netherlands.

fresh-water dwelling reptile (not a dinosaur)

So, you see, there is even not a unique definition and unique script f the name:"moso-" or "mosa-":
Mosa= the River Meuse (on which Meastricht is situated)was discovered in Cretaceous beds near Maestricht, in
the Netherlands.
Good. From the stories told by the persons that live near this being we can create our own definition: it's an animal with the head similar to the snake(?) and body like a lizzard.

And imagin, I found an online-shop where you can buy the teeth of mososaurus found in Khourigba Plateau, Morocco at only 15 dollars! Here is what this shop writes about it:

Mososaurus beaugei was the largest of the five species of Mosasaur found in Morocco. It grew to lengths up to 60 feet long. Due to the fact that it had 2 separate lower jaws, it had the ability to spread/separate it's lower jaws apart to swallow much larger prey, much like modern day snakes do. The skulls of this monster attained lengths of 6 feet long with 4 foot long jaws.

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